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  • 今天是2021年4月9日 星期五,歡迎光臨本站 合肥環瑞機械設備制造有限公司 網址: www.shai-hai.com



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    model                      1625

    working area              1600×2500mm

    working countertops        1540×2640mm

    feeding height             200mm

    air speed                 20m/min

    processing speed           10m/min

    spindle power             800w-2.2kw

    spindle speed             6000-24000rpm/min

    voltage                  220v/380v

    engraving tools           3.175/4/6mm

    file format               G code/HPGL

    positioning accuracy       ±0.03mm

    repeatability             ±0.02mm

    control system            NC studio

    Features1. the frame is made up of industrial steel pipe by welding with outstanding bearing capacity.

    2. high-precision ball screw and guides well adjusted by engineers with years of experiences.

    3. new generation of hand-held CNC controller for much larger files and more connivance.

    4. intelligent calculation fully develops the motor potential, matches curves and straight lines.

    5. auto memorizes the last stop caused by power cut or tool broken.

    6. easily compatible with several popular CAD/CAM software like Type3, Artcam, Artcut etc.

    7. available with Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista, USB supports hot plugging.

    8. strong enough to cut and engrave Acryl, MDF, Aluminum, Copper and so on.

    Option components:

    1.      z axis

    2.      spindle(800w/ 2.2kw/ 3.0kw/ 4.5kw)

    3.      water-cooled or air-cooled spindle

    4.      Nc studio controle system

    5.      DSP hand shank

    6.      stepper or servo motor

    7.      PVC board

    8.      high power vacuum table

    9.      tool cooling system

    10.  dust extraction system

    Available materials:

    advertising signs &scutcheon mading, crystal letter making, furniture manufacturing, fold screen, solid wooden door, art craft wooden door, non-painted door, fan and windows, sorts of tables and board furniture, advertisement sign, acylic, copper, aluninium, plastic board, wooden board, other non-mental models and etc.

    Primary Competitive Advantages:

    1.      brand-name parts

    2.      distributorships offered

    3.      guarantee/ warranty

    4.      international approvals

    5.      military specifications

    6.      product features

    7.      product performance

    8.      prompt delivery

    9.      quality approvals

    10.  service

    11.  small orders accepted

    Main exported markets:

    Eastern Europe, North America, Mid East/Africa, Central/SouthAmerica, Asia,Western Europe,Australia